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Quick Start
Hotel Management System Online Help

Step 6 How to make a reservation

OK, we have added some room types, room rates, rooms or beds and guests. Now, we can follow these simple steps to make a reservation:

Step 1) Go to Reservations section

Go to Reservations section, as Figure 31 shows:

Go to Reservations Section
Figure 31 Go to Reservations Section

Step 2) Click Add Button

Click Add button in the reservations panel, as Figure 32 shows:

Click Add button
Figure 32 Click Add button

Step 3) Click Room Button

Click the button after the Room EditBox, as Figure 33 shows:

Click Room Button
Figure 33 Click Room Button

Step 4) Select A Room

Select a room in the 'Select a room' dialog, as Figure 34 shows:

Select A Room Dialog
Figure 34 Select A Room Dialog

And then, click OK button in the Select a room dialog, the room is filled into the reservation automatically, as Figure 35 shows:

Fill Room Details
Figure 35 Fill Room Details

Step 5) Click Guest Button

Click the button after the Guest Name EditBox, as Figure 36 shows:

Click Guest Button
Figure 36 Click Guest Button

Step 6) Select A Guest

Select a guest in the Select a guest dialog, as Figure 37 shows:

Select a guest Dialog
Figure 37 Select a guest Dialog

And then, click OK button in the select a guest dialog, the guest filled into this reservation automatically, as Figure 38 shows:

Fill Guest Information
Figure 38 Fill Guest Information

Step 7) Select a Tax

There is no default tax in the system. You can follow these simple steps to add some tax rates:

1) Click the button after the Tax Edit Box

Click Tax Button

2) Click add button in the Tax Ratio dialog

Tax Ratio Dialog

3) Enter a tax rate in the Add Tax Ratio dialog

Tax Ratio Edit Dialog

And then, you can select a tax rate, as Figure 39 shows:

Select a Tax Ratio
Figure 39 Select a Tax Ratio

And then, you can click ok button to make a reservation, look, you can see this reservation in the reservation list, as Figure 40 shows:

Reservation List
Figure 40 Reservation List

OK, you can click Edit button to modify this reservation, or click Delete button to delete this reservation.

Step 8) Go to Room/Bed Search Center

You can go to Room/Bed Search Center section to see the rooms/beds occupancy status of your hotel, as Figure 41 shows:

Room/Bed Search Center
Figure 41 Room/Bed Search Center

Step 7 - How to sell your services

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