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BiHMS Quick Start  

Step 5 How to manage your guests

OK, when a guest want to reserve your room or bed, you can collect his/her information, and then, follow these simple steps to manage them:

Step 1) Go to Guests Section

Go to Guests section, as figure 27 shows:

Go To Guests Section
Figure 27 Go To Guests Section

Step 2) Click Add Button

Click Add button in the guests panel, as figure 28 shows:

Click Add Button
Figure 28 Click Add button

Step 3) Enter All Fields

Enter All Fields
Figure 29 Enter All Fields

And then, click OK button in the Add Guest dialog, look, you can see all guests of your hotel in the guests panel, as figure 30 shows:

Guest List
Figure 30 Guest List


Step 6 How to make a reservation

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