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Step 7 How to sell your services

If your hotel has some services like swimming pools, restaurants and so on, you can add these services into the system, and then you can sell them. Please follow these simple steps to sell your services:

Step 1) Go to Services Section

Go to services section, as figure 42 shows:

Go To Services Section
Figure 42 Go To Services Section

Step 2) Click Add Button

Click add button in the services panel, as figure 43 shows:

Click Add Button
Figure 43 Click Add Button

Step 3) Enter All Fields

Enter all fields in the Add Service dialog, as figure 44 shows:

Enter All Fields
Figure 44 Enter All Fields

And then, click OK button in the Add Service dialog, the service called ‘swimming’ has been added into the system, as figure 45 shows:

Service List
Figure 45 Service List

Step 4) Go to Reservations Section

Go to Reservations section, and select a reservation, as figure 46 shows:

Reservation List
Figure 46 Reservation List

Step 5) Click Edit Button

Click Edit button in the reservations panel, as figure 47 shows:

Click Edit Button
Figure 47 Click Edit Button

Step 6) Click Add Button

Click add button in the Service Information panel, as figure 48 shows:

Click Add Service Button
Figure 48 Click Add Button

Step 7) Click Service Button

Click the button after the Name EditBox in the Add Service dialog, as figure 49 shows:

Click Service Button
Figure 49 Click Service Button

Step 8) Select a Service

Select a service in the Select a Service dialog, as figure 50 shows:

Select a Service
Figure 50 Select a Service

Ok, the service information has been filled into the Add Service dialog automatically, as figure 51 shows:

Automatically Fill
Figure 51 Automatically Fill

You can modify its rate or its quantity, then, please click OK button, and then, you can see the rate of this service has been added into the service total and the total amount, as figure 52 shows:

Service Total
Figure 52 Service Total

Ok, you already sold your service called ‘Swimming’!

Step 8 How to manage your users and their permissions

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