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Hotel Management System Online Help

Step 2 How to set up a room type

After you login this system, your first thing is to set up all room types of your hotel. Come on, you can follow these simple steps to set up your room types:

Step 1) Go to Room Types section

Go to Room Types section, as Figure 2 shows:

Go to Room Types Section
Figure 2 Go to Room Types section

Step 2) Click Add button

Click the Add button to open the Add RoomType dialog, as Figure 3 shows:

Click Add button
Figure 3 Click Add button

Step 3) Enter All Fields

You can enter all fields in the Add RoomType dialog, as Figure 4 shows:

Enter All Fields
Figure 4 Enter All Fields

There is no default bed type in your system, if you want to add some bed types, you can click the button after the Bed Type editbox, as Figure 5 shows:

Set up Bed Types
Figure 5 Set up Bed Types

You can click the Add button in Bed Type dialog to add a bed type, as Figure 6 shows:

Click Add Bed Type Button
Figure 6 Click Add Bed Type Button

Then, enter all fields in the Add Bed Type dialog, as Figure 7 shows:

Add Bed Type Dialog
Figure 7 Add Bed Type Dialog

Then, click OK button in the Add Bed Type dialog, and click Close button in the Bed Type dialog, then, you can select this bed type called 'Single Bed' for this room type called 'Single Room', as Figure 8 shows:

Select A Bed Type
Figure 8 Select A Bed Type

Step 4) Click OK button

And then, you can click ok button in the Add Room Type dialog, as Figure 9 shows:

Click OK Button in Add RoomType Dialog
Figure 9 Click OK Button in Add RoomType Dialog

Then, You can find the following dialog, you can click its OK button to setup the RACK rate of your room type:

Setup RACK Rate Now
Figure 10 Setup RACK Rate Now

When you click the OK button on the RACK rate confirmation dialog, you can get the following dialog:

Edit Rate Plan Dialog
Figure 11 Edit Rate Plan Dialog

You can enter the Rack Rate of your room type, as the following figure shows:

Enter Rack Rate Value
Figure 12 Enter Rack Rate Value

Then, you can click the OK button, and please wait a while, because your this action is generating rate data of one year (From 2012-09-04 To 2013-09-04).

Look, The room type called 'Single Room' has been added to the system, you can find it in the room type list, as Figure 13 shows:

Room Type List
Figure 13 Room Type List

You can click the Edit button to modify your room type, or click the Delete button to delete the selected room type.

Step 3 - How to set up a room rate

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