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Hotel Reservation System | Hotel Management System | Hotel Reservation System Lite Version
    Hotel Reservation System Quick Start
BiHRS Quick Start  

Step 1 RoomTypes and Rates Management

1 Add Room Type

i) Go to Room Types & Rates Section

ii) Click Add Button, as Figure 1 shows

Add Room Type ScreenShot

Figure 1 Click Add Button To Add RoomType

iii) Enter a room type name in the Edit Box "Room Type*"

iv) Enter the room rate in the Edit Box "Rate", as Figure 2 shows

Set RoomType Information ScreenShot

Figure 2 Set RoomType Information

v) Then Click OK Button, DeluxeRoom is added to the RoomType List, as Figure 3 shows (notice the red box)

Room Type List ScreenShot

Figure 3 Room Type List


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